Whimsical cat tree, hand painted. Damaged, as is



A whimsical hand painted wooden cat tree, with a painted cubby hole and reclining cat, three rugs, a ball of yarn and a bowl of food.  Sadly it isn't signed.  There are two areas of missing paint, across the black & white rug and across the blue rug.  I'm guessing that this is where cats were previously lightly attached but as you can see in the photo with the Sue Veeder cats (for sale separately) these flaws are easily hidden.  When I took the photo of the underside I realised that the top is a re-purposed domino!

1 7/8 inches (4.8 cm) wide, 1 9/16 inches (4.0 cm) deep and 2 9/16 inches (6.5 cm) tall.