Shell display in Bespaq Kaye Museum table


SKU: 8483



A collection of 54 tiny sea shells, all natural colours and patterns.  The shells come from around the world (some of them collected by me) and are not a standard craft shop selection.  The ornate table itself was made by Bespaq for the Carol & Barry Kaye Museum of Miniatures in Los Angeles.  The drawer opens easily so that you can look at the shells in more detail.  One of the table legs, the back left as I have photographed it, has been broken in the past but extremely well mended and is only noticeable only if you look really carefully.  I've shown this in the last photo.

3 5/8 inches (9.2 cm) wide, 2 3/16 inches (5.6 cm) deep and 2 9/16 inches (6.5 cm) tall.