Mohair humpbacked teddy bear, jointed. As is (but cute!)

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A lovely jointed teddy, I think made of mohair, with embroidered features.  The fibres show wear just like a much loved bear would.  It also has a red and white check appliqued heart.  What I initially thought were embroidered pads on the left foot and right paw are actually small areas where the fabric seems to be missing so that the inner fibres show.  I think that this is probably a World of Miniature Bears bear, hand made for the company.  It perhaps once was attached to one of their heart shaped bases and was holding something, and upon removal some of the fabric tore away.  It can stand or sit on its own.
Standing, 3 5/16 inches (8.4 cm) tall.
Sitting, 2 3/8 inches (6.0 cm) tall.