Limited edition Federal tea & coffee set, #23/100, Pete Acquisto, IGMA Fellow



A sterling silver Federal tea & coffee set with a lidded tea pot & hinged lidded coffee pot with "boxwood" handles, a creamer & a waste or sugar bowl.  Crafted by IGMA Fellow Pete Acquisto, this limited edition of 100 is sold out.  The original examples were by Richard Crossley and John Emes.

The coffee pot lid only opens a tiny bit and doesn't quite sit right down if looked at very closely.  The sugar bowl handles do move freely.  The two pots are numbered & inscribed with "Jan", the original purchaser's name.  All four pieces come in their original labelled boxes.

I have gently cleaned the set with polish (not a chemical dip) and it has a nice light patina. It would pair really well with the English decorated tray that I have listed separately.  The folding butler's table is also available.

Teapot is 7/8 inch (2.2 cm) tall.  1:12 scale