Brooke Tucker heron andirons & 12V lighted logs, bellows, fender. Sold separately



An assortment of fireplace accessories, each sold separately.

Brooke Tucker Art Nouveau style heron andirons with real logs and working glowing "embers".  It works with 12V systems.  I don't think that this has ever been installed as the long wires appear to be bundled up as new.  The wires have bare ends.  This piece originally came with a matching screen as well but that is missing.  These are often listed as Art Deco, but they are nature inspired, not geometric, so they are late Victorian, early 20th century Art Nouveau.  Andirons raise up fireplace logs to allow better air circulation and thus burning.

Bellows - I believe that these are an older style by Brooke Tucker.  Unfortunately one side has a circular tarnish mark from old adhesive.

Fender.  I'm sure that this is not by Brooke.  It is thin metal, easily bent to conform exactly to the size of hearth that you have.  Nice though.