1:24 scale Braxton Payne fireplace. As is.



Sold As is.  A 1982 Braxton Payne fireplace with alcove in 1:24 (half inch) scale.  It is made of Hydrocal cement as most of his pieces are and is then beautifully painted to represent brick, wood, plaster and appropriate soot.   The drawer does not open.

Unfortunately there is some damage.  The corner of the mantel on the right side is broken off and there is a small area of paint loss on top of the mantel.  From what I have been able to research there used to be a hinged door to the alcove but it seems as though the hinges often come loose.  On close inspection you can see some damage to the finish where they used to be.  There is also some paint loss half way up the right edge of the "wood" moulding and on the bottom left corner of the "wood".  

4 inches (10.2 cm) wide, 1 inch (2.5 cm) deep, 2 7/8 inches (7.3 cm) tall.