1:24 natural history collection cabinet - crystals, minerals, fossils, shells


SKU: 8376

A collection of fifty one genuine natural history specimens in a 1:24 scale Bespaq bookcase cabinet, mahogany finish.  There are crystals, minerals, fossils and shells, all real and all naturally coloured and patterned. They are discreetly glued in place.

The identified specimens are as follows: 

Top shelf, left side: purple grape agate, Indonesia; pink umbonium shell; stripy nerite shell; blue cavansite on stilbite, Poona, India; green pyromorphite, Daoping, China.

Top shelf, right side: pyrite (fool's gold), Leadville, Colorado; shell; blue sodalite; rose muscovite, Harding Mine, New Mexico; zebra nerite shell; orange fire opal, Mexico.

Second shelf, left side: ?; green Montana sapphire; fossil ammonite, Madagascar; shell, Philippines; pheasant shell; "diamond" quartz, Pakistan.

Second shelf, right side: amethyst; shell; orange vanadinite, Mibladen, Morocco on green amazonite.

Third shelf, left side: green peridot, Arizona on a shell; native copper, Upper Peninsula, Michigan; rough emerald, Colombia; quartz, Mexico.

Third shelf, right side: nerite shell; fossil pentacrinites crinoid stem segment; shell; sand dollar; pink rhodochrosite, Wuzhou, China; blue calcite rhombohedral crystal; green malachite.

Bottom shelf, left side: shell; ?; blue azurite with green malachite, Blue Crystal Mine, Utah; top shell; fossil shark tooth; purple fluorite pyramid.

Bottom shelf, right side: coral?; purple janthina shell, New Zealand; green garnet, India; perisphinctes ammonite.

Cupboard, left side: ?; peacock ore; leopardskin agate; zebra nerite shell.

Cupboard, right side: phasianella shell; shell; black tectite, Zhanjiang, China; rose selenite.

2 7/16 inches (6.2 cm) wide, 5/8 inch (1.6 cm) deep and 4 3/4 inches (12.1 cm) tall.