Pickle castor & tongs by Pete Acquisto & Ferenc Albert, Limited Edition



A pickle castor in a sterling silver frame with delicate matching tongs, based on one from around 1874, London.  Silver by Pete Acquisto, glass by Ferenc Albert.  These are most commonly available with a cobalt blue glass but I think that the rarer clear glass is easier to fit into a setting.  The details are lovely, from the feet, the base of the frame, the medallions on the delicate tongs, the three little prongs of the tongs, and the pierced handle of the castor lid.  The tongs can be hung on either side of the castor.  This is number 210 of an edition of 400 and has its original matching box.  It has been very gently cleaned with a non-abrasive polish but still retains a soft patina.

7/16 inch (1.1 cm) wide, 7/16 inch (1.1 cm) deep and 15/16 inch (2.4 cm) tall.