Clinger & Renninger bamboo Windsor chairs, matched set, painted, signed. Sold individually.



I'd love to sell these as a set of four but recognize that not everyone needs a full set, so they are for sale individually.  Pot luck which of the four you get - all are excellent!

A rare set of matched dark green bamboo Windsor arm chairs by William Spencer Clinger, finished by Dolores and John Renninger. William Clinger specialized in making exquisite, delicate Windsor chairs of many types; the bamboo style is one of the less common ones. The style was was popular from about 1790 - 1850; you can see the bamboo inspiration in the "knees" and shaping of the main turnings of the chairs. The central shield on the back seems to be an original design feature of Clinger's.

The Renningers, d.j. miniatures, finished some of Clinger's chairs in delicately worn and aged paint finishes, each one distressed individually and realistically. Windsor chairs were often painted originally to hide the fact that they were frequently constructed of a variety of woods. These four are a perfectly matched set.

All the chairs are signed with marks for both Clinger and the Renningers.  The Clinger mark on the collaborative chairs is a little different from on Clinger chairs that were not painted but both versions are in the Maker's Marks book for Clinger and Renninger.

Each chair is 3 1/8 inches (7.9 cm) tall, 1 9/16 inches (4.0 cm) wide and 1 3/4 inches (4.4 cm) deep.