Stunning Edward Chapman chess table & two chairs, 1988. Available (NOT SOLD OUT) - please read description.

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Please contact me directly if interested in this as it must be specially shipped with insurance, so is not available for ordinary checkout and thus shows as Sold Out.  It will be titled as Sold when it is actually no longer available.

A rare Queen Anne chess table and two chairs by the late IGMA Artisan C. Edward Chapman.  The hand carving is detailed and perfect, as is the smooth finish to the wood.  

The table is made of cherry, the chessboard of holly and satine edged in ebony.  The carved shell-and-scroll knees on the table are repeated on the chairs and there are pad feet on the table and front chair legs.  The two dovetailed drawers have runners and are discreetly lettered to make sure that they get placed correctly if they are removed.  Each chair has a delicate curved scroll along the back.

The table is confidently signed C. Edward Chapman, #3, 1988.  Both chairs are also signed at the back under the seat and are #8 and #9.

The only flaws that I see are some marks and one tiny snag on the seat fabric, which you can see in one of the photos.  There are no chess pieces or fittings for them; the previous owner said that when she bought this set from a shop it didn't come with any.

I found a Nutshell News article about his work from 1988, just after he got his Artisan status.  I'll include a photocopy of the article with this piece.   Ed's business was called Circa 1710 as this date is in the reign of Queen Anne, the namesake for the furniture style that he specialized in.

I haven't been able to find many other examples of his work, let alone this set, online.

Table: 3 5/16 inches (8.4 cm) square and 2 1/4 inches (5.7 cm) tall.

Chairs: 1 13/16 inches (4.6 cm) wide, 1 3/4 inches (4.4 cm) deep and 3 7/16 inches (8.7 cm) tall.