Rainbow of re-cycled silk pieces, plain colours


SKU: silk assortment, plain

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A rainbow collection of assorted pieces of pure silk from when I was making miniature silk pillows.  Perfect for miniature doll dressmakers, for doll accessories (parasols, hats, purses, stoles, shoes etc.), for silk lamp shades, drapes/curtains, pillows, upholstery etc.  The silk is mostly from thrift shop garments and has all been hand washed, rinsed to neutralise the soap, and then further rinsed before drying naturally. 

Your collection may include dupioni, crepe de chine, shot silk, raw silk, silk gauze, china silk, charmeuse, satin etc.  The silk colours are brighter than in my photo.

I have cut up the garments into their panels, and large panels may have been cut in half.  The silk may show signs of wear, have buttons, seams, hems, labels, the occasional stain etc..  The pieces vary greatly in size and shape and are not ironed.  The packages contain at least 35 pieces of silk, weighing about 1 lb.

It's pot luck what pieces you receive - I'm not taking special requests, sorry.

Shipping - because of weight this item will cost $8 shipping in the USA and is likely to cost at least $25 to ship outside the USA.  I'm sorry... please contact me if you would like an exact shipping quote.